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Seat Belt Convincer
About the Convincer
About the Convincer

The Seat Belt Convincer is an easy-to-use educational tool that allows riders to experience force, up to five times their body weight, similar to that of a 5-10 mph crash.

The Convincer was developed to educate the public about how beneficial the use of seat belts can be even when involved in a low-speed collision. It is a very effective tool for safety presentations at high schools, businesses, fairs, community events, drivers' education programs or any event where the "entertainment" and safety education factors associated with the Convincer would be of benefit.

The passenger enters the carriage at the top of the slide and buckles into the seat. The operator then releases the carriage and gravity pulls the carriage forward reaching a speed of approximately 5 miles per hour before colliding with the bumpers at the front of the system. The Convincer allows the rider to experience the surprising amount of force generated with such a low speed collision and to gain respect for the benefit that a seat belt can provide.

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