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Seat Belt Convincer
Tallgrass Solutions, Inc. 

Tallgrass Solutions Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the Seat Belt Convincer produced by the Technology Development Institute of Kansas State University. Tallgrass works with potential customers to develop colors and graphics packages for the units to help in obtaining sponsorships for the units from private organizations.


Drivefos Sipco Training & Consulting Ltd 

Drivefos Sipco is an internationally accredited road safety consulting group headquartered in Malaysia. This organization was established since 2006 specializing in seatbelt education and advocacy in Asia using Seatbelt Convincer. Our mission is the help 1 million road users to be convinced through Seat Belt Convincer program. 

If you are interested in conducting Seatbelt Convincer program in Asia, feel free to email us at



Kunhadi is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of road safety issues. Their mission is to change people’s attitudes toward drunk driving, speeding, driving while fatigued, and seat belt use.

Seat Belt Planet 

Through, Beam’s is proud to offer a superior customer experience and customized products to outfit any vehicle in safety and style.


Indiana SADD 

SADD advocates the prevention of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving and other destructive decisions. Their mission goes hand in hand with vehicular safety issues demonstrated by the use of Seat Belt Convincers.


Technology Development Institute
Kansas State University
510 McCall Road
Manhattan, KS 66502-5034
Phone: 785-532-7473