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Seat Belt Convincer
Frequently Asked Questions 
Can I buy the Seat Belt Convincer today?
Yes - However delivery of the units may take up to 14 weeks. We do not keep any inventory on hand therefore each unit is custom produced. It typically takes between 4 and 6 weeks from the time an order is received until the order can be shipped. We construct the units as orders are received, so if we have numerous units in the production queue when your order is received, it may take longer. We are always able to provide you with estimated delivery dates so please contact us if you have any questions.

Are there funding options available?
Yes, please visit the Purchasing page for opportunities on how to finance the purchase.

Can I customize my Seat Belt Convincer's paint and graphics?
Yes, please visit the Paint/Graphics page located in the left side bar under the Purchasing page to learn more about color and graphics options.

What kind of maintenance is required?
The Convincers have been designed to require minimal maintenance. The casters on the carriage require a small amount of grease on a regular basis. The only consumable parts on the units are the impact absorbing rubber bumpers located at the front of the unit. These typically last anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000 cycles. The bumpers are commercially available and cost approximately $25.

Does it require special towing equipment?
No - The Convincer requires a two inch ball hitch and the lighting system is operated using a flat 4 prong plug. It is designed to be able be towed by most any vehicle (including cars) so that it can be transported to wherever you need to do your demonstrations.

Do I have to pick up the unit/How is it shipped?
We are located in Manhattan, Kansas and the units can be picked up. Oftentimes it is much more convenient to ship the units, as we seem to be located 1,000 miles from everywhere! To ship Convincers, we load them on a flatbed semi-trailer and have them delivered by a commercial transport company.

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